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Outdoor Heaters

Don't let the cold weather stop you from dining outdoors. Browse our range of outdoor heaters that are the perfect solution for keeping you and your loved ones toasty warm. In addition, browse our Fire Pits for the ultimate after dinner experience with a glass of wine, hot coco or marshmallows. 
13kw Heat Focus Patio Heater
-17 %
Brand: Sahara
The Sahara 13kW patio heater is perfect for keeping you and your guests warm and comfortable during your outdoor entertaining evenings.Adjustable heat focusing reflector, directs all the heat exactly where you want itExtra wide and deep reflector for improved burner wind protection and efficiency. D..
€249.00 €299.00
Ex Tax:€202.44
Copper Series Tabletop Halogen Heater
-34 %
Brand: La Hacienda
A fantastic enhancement for any outdoor dining table, the Copper Series Tabletop Halogen Electric Heater is both energy efficient and superbly stylish. The 2100w lamp emits clean bright heat with no fumes, and warms only people rather than air around you. Very reliable, the heater will make dining a..
€189.95 €289.95
Ex Tax:€154.43
Silver Series Table Top Halogen Heater
-38 %
Brand: La Hacienda
Ideal to accompany any alfresco dining experience, the eco friendly 2100 watt silver series table top halogen heater is a stylish and cost efficient way to ensure no one gets cold. Due to infrared technology, only people benefit from the heaters warmth. There is one heat setting and a lifespan of ov..
€179.95 €289.95
Ex Tax:€146.30
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