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Brand: King British
King British Goldfish Flake is a complete flake food, suitable for goldfish and all coldwater fish. It is free from artificial colours, flavours & preservatives, and has been specially formulated with 42% protein for the metabolism of coldwater fish. The fish flake contains natural colour enhanc..
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Brand: King Fisher
Deal starter home for your furry friend Suitable for hamsters, mice and small rodents Easy to assemble cage with an exercise wheel and water bowl Boxed with instructions..
Ex Tax:€17.85
Hay is an excellent fodder for small animals such as rabbits guinea pigs hamsters etc. Its high content of raw fibres contributes to a good digestion. This meadow hay has been harvested and dried with care. Meadow hay is a healthy, natural and tasty complement to your pets daily diet. Hay is also us..
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Brand: Vitakraft
This deliciously light snack that contains delicious carrot, corn, and vital vitamins. In addition, it keeps your pet rabbit healthy and natural carotene provides important nutrients. Ideal for pampering and playing games!Key FeaturesEnriched with vitamins and mineralsNo preservative substancesFree ..
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Brand: King British
King British Tropical Fish Flake is a complete food, suitable for all warm water fish. It is free from artificial colours, flavours & preservatives, and has been specially formulated with 47% protein for the metabolism of warm water fish. Contains natural colour enhancers for bright, vibrant fis..
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Brand: Vitakraft
Snack for all rodents in the form of fun rings in 4 different colours. The original, as well as orange, gold and green mixed together. They contain alfalfa, cereals and different vegetables, to provide up to twice the fibre in your animal's diet. Rich in vitamins and minerals, especially in vitamin ..
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Brand: Vitakraft
Premium Menu Vital is a species-appropriate, balanced mix for hamsters, which is delicious for animals and gives them everything they need for a healthy life. This vital product has been approved, helps prevent deficiency symptoms and ensures extra boost of energy!High-quality seeds, valuable grain,..
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Brand: Vitakraft
Size: 1kgProven vital complex for an extra boost of vitality - balanced blend of valuable cereals, fruits and vegetablesSugar-free formula, with vital vitamins, minerals and trace elements, no artificial flavours and preservativesComposition: vegetable by-products (alfalfa 10.6%), cereals 41.6%, veg..
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Brand: Woody
The ideal bedding for all small household pets. Woody woodchips are made from 100% natural ingredients and are fully recyclable making them an environmentally friendly bedding option.Size: 2.5kg (40L)Ideal for small household petsMade from natural ingredientsFully recyclableEnvironmentally frie..
Ex Tax:€6.91
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